Beaver Bank Community Police Office History

In February l995 Inspector CARLSON, Officer in Charge, of the Lower Sackville Detachment approached Cst. Bickerton and proposed the creation of one of the first Community Police offices in Nova Scotia.

With current down sizing and financial restraints imposed by all levels of government, a Community Police office would help ease the burden, not only for the local detachment, but also for the public sector. Beaver Bank was an ideal location to create this community project and public support was very high.

In conjunction with the Beaver Bank Awareness Association,  the county councillor,  Beaver Bank Volunteer Fire Department and other community support, a location and initial funding was obtained and the foundation for the development of the office was formulated. Cst. Bickerton approached the community seeking local volunteers to operate the office. Sixty-four individuals applied and all were screened and security cleared. Not all the volunteers were from the Beaver Bank area.

Information flyers were prepared and delivered to all the residents of Beaver Bank outlining the basic concepts and operation of a Community Police office. The office is solely maintained and financed by local support.

The Beaver Bank Community Office construction began in May / June of 1995 After many hours of hard work, the "Beaver Bank Community Police" sign was erected in October 1995. The Office furnishings were in place and the volunteers could finally begin their training during the middle of October with the Grand Opening scheduled for November 4, 1995.

Cst. John Bickerton was a driving force in the growth of the Beaver Bank Office until his transfer in March of 1997, at which time the responsibilities were then handed over to Cst. Everett Densmore.

In September 1998, the volunteers at the Beaver Bank Community Policing Office applied for and were granted a Certificate of Incorporation under the Societies Act of Nova Scotia making it the first Community Policing Association in the Province. The Community Policing Volunteers work within the guidelines of the by-laws of the Association and work along side of the Community constable so that they can provide a service to the community.

In March 1999, the office put together a Seniors Phone Buddy program wherein a senior can be registered at the Beaver Bank office and on a weekly basis a phone call is made to that individual to make sure things are ok.

After two years in Beaver Bank, Cst. Densmore passed the office over to Cst. Kerri Leyte. Cst. Leyte began her job at the Beaver Bank Office in March 1999.

During that time, the Beaver Bank Community Policing Volunteer Association was nominated for the Nova Scotia Community Safety Award by Insp. H. Tarrant; OIC of the Lower Sackville RCMP Detachment. In June 1999, we were advised that we had won this prestigious award.

In May 2000, with the expected arrival of Cst. Leyte's baby, the office was turned over to Cst. Rick Head.

In June 2000, the Beaver Bank Community Police office held a "Design a Lapel" contest. The office received many entries and with great difficulty, a decision was made. Hopefully in the very near future that "Logo" will represent the connection between the Beaver Bank RCMP Office and the community of Beaver Bank.

In October 2000, Cst. R. Head returned to the Lower Sackville Detachment to officially begin his new job as "Community Policing/Media Relations Officer. Cst. Lynn Tardif was assigned to the Beaver Bank Office and began her duties on October 16/00. Cst. Tardif remained at the Beaver Bank Office until April 2001.

On July l, 2001 Cst. Wendy Ruby began her two month stay at the Beaver Bank Office. She is the RCMP School Liaison Officer for the Sackville High School and its feeder schools and will be returning to that position the first part of September.

In November 2001, Cst. Tom McLeod took over as our Beaver Bank Community Police Officer. He is a volunteer with the RCMP Underwater Recovery Team and is keeping busy teaching the DARE Program at Monarch and Kinsac elementary schools. Cst. McLeod remained at the Beaver Bank Office until December 2003.

In June 2003, construction started on the site of the new Beaver Bank Community Center where our office moved in on May 28, 2004.  The Grand Opening was held September 25, 2004.

As of December 2003 our community policing has taken on a new look. Instead of one officer for one shift per day the community is now being patroled regularly by four POD (Person On Duty) members of the RCMP. The four members drop into the office daily and there is always a member assigned to us 24 hours a day. Cst. Mike Bracken, Cst. Mike Francis, Cst. Eric Jeanson, and Cst. Mark Flanagan are our first POD officers in Beaver Bank. Cst. Wayne Ross assumed the position of Cst. Flanagan as a result of a posting to another community during the winter of 2004. Cst. Christine Hobin joined the POD when Cst. Mike Bracken was transfered out in the fall of 2004.

In October 2004, Cst. Curt Wentzell came on board as our new Community Policing Coordinator, replacing Cst. Wendy Ruby. Cst. Wentzell supported the 10Th Anniversary Committee for an honors and awards event in November 2005. He took pride in ensuring the Community appreciated the value of the excellent service  performed by all the volunteers. In October 2006, Cst. Wentzell became the Police Liaison in  the structuring of an umbrella working group for all Community Policing Volunteers. It is registered as the "HRM Crime Prevention Association". This Association  involves approximately 380 volunteers.

In October 2006, Cst. June Chiasson started as Community Liasion for Beaver Bank & Fall River Community Policing Offices. As a 10 year member recruited from Newfoundland, she is looking forward to working with the residents in these Communities.

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